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Welcome Everyone!

If you are wondering what is going on in class, visit my Daily Blog.  I will post the best moments of the day from my perspective.  I will also be sending out communiqués to Sec One and Sec Two Communities with any special announcements.  Count on my using the digital agenda to keep you informed of deadlines and homework.  I will write the work on the day that it is due with details and files attached.  Otherwise, all files are available in the document sections of the two communities including handouts, detailed assignments and evaluation grids.  There is an amazing tool in there called a Discussion Forum which allows students to continue their reflections in between classes.  Parents are invited to lurk in the background as readers only.  It is a student space and belongs to them and they LOVE it in general.  We are also experimenting with Moodle and Wordpress this year.  I am always amazed at how deeply they are thinking and this tool gives me the chance to see into their minds.  I welcome suggestions and feedback on the process this year and am always ready to improve the program. 

As I always say, "My best ideas come from my students."

Happy Fête de l'aimitié 2011!

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